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AiroPro Vape Pens are the world’s most revolutionary vape pen on the market.  Ceramic technology and the AiroPro delivery system are taking the world by storm!


AiroPro’s Advanced Vapor System is the industry leader in Colorado for marijuana vaporizers.  With a wide variety of flavors and interchangeable cartridges, the AirPro Vape Pen has become the favorite amongst consumers nationwide!

AiroPro Vape Pen Cartridges

AiroPro vape pen cartridge flavors lined up
Airopro cartridges

AiroPro Vape Pen Cartridge

Flavor Profiles

This is the premier line of oils from AiroPro.  Developed using industry leading and revolutionary extraction methods, our strain series provides users with the full taste of the marijuana strain they love and enjoy.  Made with full terpenes, and the highest potency marijuana in Colorado!

These are the naturally-flavored, high-potency, pure distillate oils within the AiroPro brand line.  Using and adopting time-tested botanical oil extraction methods perfected in other industries (such as cooking oils).  Distillate oils are the closest thing toan essential oil of cannabis, providing optimum purity!

These are the original unflavored, raw, cannabis nectar vape cartridges.  Created using the finest, highest-quality cannabis in Colorado.  These are raw CO2 extracted oils.

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