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Airopro cartridges

AiroPro Vaporizer

The AiroPro Vaporizer combines cutting edge technology with solid construction to provide the smoothest and most potent draw acaiable while reigning first in the reliability and performance. The ceramic atomizer and cellulose wicking system combine to consistently deliver 3x the vapor and ensure satisfaction from the first to the final hit.​

Airo Sport Battery

The AiroSport Vaporizer gives you the same high-performance, specialized simplicity, and velvety potent draw that you love about AiroPro, but with the added level of bright individuality and a feather-light feel.

Airo Pro Strain Series

High-potency, purified cannabis oil blended with 100% naturally sourced terpenes true to the cannabis plant. Our unique terpene profiles give you a classic strain taste and feel

Airo Pro Artisan Series

Made from purified cannabis oil, our exclusive fusion of trademarked tastes, derived 100% from natural botanical terpenes. Arouse your palate with vapor full of colorful fruit, floral, and savory notes

Airo Pro Live Flower Series

Live Flower Series captures the essence of premium fresh flower. These exotic strains are meticulously cultivated by our boutique growers & then steam extracted directly after harvest to capture an authentic full-spectrum terpene profile. Authentic fresh flower taste, purified cannabis oil from premium fresh flower, long-lasting, euphoric entourage effect, intense full-spectrum terpene profile exclusive portfolio of exotic strains & single-source cannabis-derived terpenes.

Upgrade to Airopro Vape Pen Cartridges

Enjoying an exceptional vape experience is not always easy, particularly when using some of the lower quality vape pens on the market in Pueblo. Sticky Icky’s is proud to provide our customers with the Airopro cartridge and vape pen, which offers the best possible vaping experience available. When you want superior vaping combined with the best variety of strain and artisan flavors in oils, you will want to give Airopro vape pens a try!

The Benefits of the Airopro Vaporizer

The entire design of the Airpro dab pen is completely revolutionary. It offers a streamlined, sleek, and stylish device to enjoy quality vaping. Users will also enjoy a long-lasting and powerful battery that is virtually instantly on and ready to use. The pen itself gently vibrates when activated for your convenience. The pen also comes with a carrying case and is durable and resistant to damage. Airpro vape pens provide as much as three times the vapor as other vape pens. The easy draw on the pen makes these a favorite for those using a vape pen for the first time or those looking for an upgrade to their current vape pen selection.

Exceptional Selection of Airopro Vape Pen Cartridges

In keeping with the quality of the vape pen, Airpro also offers a selection of quality vape pen cartridges in your favorite flavors and strains. The cartridges are leak-resistant and use ceramic technology for optimal temperature control. For clean burning, exceptional quality vaping, we recommend the Airpro vape pens and cartridge combinations to our customers in Pueblo. If you need any assistance with your order, we are here to help at 719-470-2839.

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