The Best Dispensary in Pueblo, CO

The Best Dispensary in Pueblo, CO

The Best Dispensary in Pueblo, CO

If you find yourself looking for a recreational dispensary in Pueblo, consider Stick Icky’s and its quality cannabis products. The budtenders know details about your favorite strains and give you legendary customer service.  When you want the best quality cannabis for the price, Sticky Icky’s is the place to go.

Known as a top recreational dispensary Pueblo location, Sticky Icky’s selection of products is extensive. We source producers from around the state of Colorado for only the best cannabis products. From the highest quality edibles and flowers to concentrates and vape pens, Stick Icky’s is the best dispensary in Pueblo. Come in today to view our new product launches, daily deals, swag, and more!

Your Safety is Our Top Priority

The dispensary and parking lot are well-maintained with a welcoming vibe as you walk up. At night, the dispensary property is well-lit. For those in a hurry, try our online ordering to skip the line. We make it easy for you so that when you have the time, you can slow down and smell all the flowers.  

With the best quality and lowest prices, Sticky Icky’s has the best recreational weed in Colorado.  Rather than sounding like a bakery, coffee shop, farmers market, or pharmacy, Sticky Icky’s name indicates exactly what to expect, the highest quality dank.

Hands Down, Sticky Icky’s Has the Best Weed in Pueblo

As a recreational cannabis dispensary in Pueblo, Colorado, we pride ourselves on being the best in our part of Colorado.  We know we are out of the way, so we go above and beyond to make it worth the extra mile.  Come into Sticky Icky’s today and see where Pueblo’s cannabis connoisseurs get their buds. Visit us online, we make it easy with online ordering here:

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