CannaPunch Edibles: THC Edibles with a Punch!

CannaPunch edibles are wonderfully delicious and use only the highest grade cannabis in their products. They are a giant in the cannabis industry, and there’s no secret why. Delivering some of the industries highest quality edibles, drinks and topicals is thier claim to fame. From their CannaPunch THC infused drinks to cannabis coconut oil they’re producing top of the line products with outstanding highs. Let’s take a deeper look at the products they offer and what you should know when purchasing them.

CannaPunch drink that started it all

It all started with a cannabis infused beverage, and they’re only getting better. In 2009 CannaPunch released their signature product, taking the cannabis industry by storm. Sure, there are other cannabis infused beverages on the market, but there’s just something about CannaPunch’s elixirs making them elite. Maybe it’s the delicious flavors they offer such as, Pineapple Mango Delight or Grand Daddy Grape. Or, it could be the fact they’re not carbonated and drink more like a juice than a soda. Most likely, it’s due to their laser focused approach to the cannabis edible process. With a team of highly skilled cannabis connoisseurs running the show, it’s no surprise they’re a major force in the cannabis industry!

What makes CannaPunch edibles different?

For all those out there with allergies, it’s tough to find gluten free, natural edibles to enjoy. CannaPunch offers a number of products meeting the gluten free standard as well as Vegan standards. Not to mention, their products are delicious and made from only whole cannabis flowers. Their attention to detail, when it comes to their flavors, is second to none. Products, such as,  Dutch Girl Stroopwaffles and Highly Edible Pucks are award winning creations. We’ll get into some of the individual product lines they’re offering as we go along. Just know, CannaPunch is a company dedicating themselves to producing the highest quality & most flavorful medicine money can buy. 

The flavors of CannaPunch

CannaPunch now has 7 different flavors of their signature drinks available in Colorado, and five in their second state, Nevada. Of course, we’ll be listing out all their flavors here so you know what you’re tastebuds will experience when you visit any Colorado dispensary currently carrying CannaPunch drinks.

Pineapple Mango Delight:

Strong tastes of pineapple with a mild hint of mango to finish it off. A fan favorite in Colorado and Nevada dispensaries.

Blue Raspberry Sour:

Of course, some of us look for a tangy bite to our beverages. This drink doesn’t disappoint if you’re looking for a little tang!

Black Cherry Fusion:

The earthy flavors of the ingredients in this beverage are perfect for those who enjoy a smooth cherry and currant taste. Like a fine wine, it’s sure to cure any ailment you may have. 

Watermelon Nectar:

We recommend you drink this deliciously flavored beauty as cold as possible. The watermelon infusion is wonderfully refreshing on a hot summer day!

Grand Daddy Grape:

It’s tough to find a great grape drink not tasting like cold medicine. CannaPunch delivers where others often fail. Especially when you mix it with a clear carbonated beverage to add a little snap!

Serene Strawberry Kiwi:

Who doesn’t like strawberry kiwi? New to the line up, CannaPunch’s first CBD infused drink comes through with  a refreshing and healthy interpretation of a fan favorite flavor.

Not in the mood for a THC drink?

You may not always feel like a refreshing THC infused drink is what your tastebuds are craving. Fortunately, CannaPunch has you covered. You can still enjoy all the healthy benefits of their high quality THC in a number of other edible products!

Highly Edible Pucks

Made from organic fruit juices, these gummy edibles are amongst the top sellers in our Pueblo recreational dispensary. They also contain 100% of Vitamin C per serving! Of course, they come in an array of different flavors and strains as well. Flavors such as: Sour Indica, Sour Sativa, Sweet Indica, Sweet Sativa, Peach, Watermelon, and Golden Strawberry.

THC gummies colorado highly edible

Dutch Girl Stroopwaffles

These little babies are delicious! Dutch Girl Stroopwaffles have been recognized as award winning edibles. Voted as the Best Edible Company in Westword’s Best of Denver awards, Dutch Girl Stroopwaffles are literally second to none! What is a stroopwaffle you ask? Simply put, it’s a cookie made from two layers of thin dough with a caramel syrup filling. They come in 3 different flavors, strawberry, original caramel and lemon. Give your tastebuds the sweet treat they desire!

More than just CannaPunch edibles

CannaPunch is a well rounded cannabis company, and carry more than just edible products. They have expanded their product line into THC body balms, concentrates, and yes, even CannaPunch Cannabis Coconut Oil. However you’d like to consume your THC medicine, CannaPunch delivers a product to fit your preference. 

nordic goddess cannabis body balm

Nordic Goddess Cannabis Infused Therapeutic Body Balm

This creamy pain relief body balm is top of the line! It contains rich moisturizing ingredients including shea butter, coconut oil, and cocoa butter. When combined with cannabis-extracted CBD, they’re providing natural anti-inflammatory and pain relieving benefits. Also from the Nordic Goddess line is their Wrangler’s Relief THC infused salve. It combines the scents of Frankincense and myrrh with a number of oils providing a masculine scent. The high quality THC content helps to relieve the toughest pains and inflammation. It’s the perfect remedy for a long, hard day of work!

Tumbleweed Concentrates

CannaPunch is known for their top of the line edibles, but they’re branching out into the world of smokables as well. Their Tumbleweed Concentrates line follows their precision and dedication they have for their edibles. They’re delivering a quality high with outstanding flavor with their cannabis wax. Hand crafted with the most potent strains available, these concentrates deliver the high you’re looking for everytime.

CannaPunch Coconut Oil

CannaPunch, well known for their highly sought after edibles, have developed their alternative to cannabis infused butter. No more mess and no more knives needed, this cannabis infused coconut oil contains all the THC you need to make tasty canna treats at home. With 100mg of the highest quality activated THC per bottle, you’ll be turning any home cooked dish into a cannabis infused treat. CannaPunch’s Coconut Oil has been specially treated to stay liquid at room temperature, and has already been decarboxylated so it is ready for immediate use. Add a bit of cannabis infused coconut oil to your favorite dish and eat in total relaxation!

Where you can find CannaPunch edibles and products

CannaPunch products are sold in both medical and recreational dispensaries all over Colorado and Nevada. They will soon be making their way into Massachusetts as well. When you visit their website, you have the option to choose Colorado, Nevada, and Massachusetts is coming soon. Once choosing the state you’d like to look for a store in, click the store locations button for a full list of locations CannaPunch products are sold. We carry them here in our Pueblo dispensary, and they’re always a customer favorite. 

To sum it all up

CannaPunch has something for everybody. They are not just a one trick pony focusing on a certain type of THC product. Although, they are know primarily for their signature CannaPunch drinks, they’re bringing so much more to the table. Body Balms, cooking oil, and concentrates round out their product lines for now, but they’re constantly innovating and we’re excited for what they do next. Always delivering the highest quality cannabis products, with delicious flavors, is why they are highly revered in the industry. They bring potent THC edibles to the people, and you can trust you’ll get a consistent product every time. Be sure to stop into you local dispensary and ask for CannaPunch products, you’ll be happy that you did!

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