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Have you asked yourself, what’s the best dispensary near me? Well, if you find yourself in Southern Colorado the answer is simple, Sticky Icky’s! We are the premier Colorado dispensary, recreational of course. Being a recreational dispensary, we believe in making cannabis fun. Don’t believe us, just take a look inside our shop below. Our staff is friendly and knowledgeable, and we carry the best products in the state! How could it get any better? We also have the lowest prices of any Pueblo recreational dispensary.

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Sticky Icky’s is the best Colorado recreational dispensary. We focus solely on the recreational side of the business, as we love cannabis! 


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Our products are an extension of us, and we make sure we show off our best! First off, we hand select each item from our flower to our concentrate. After that, we price each product to make sure it is the best value in the state. Lastly, our bud tenders ensure your visit to Sticky Icky's is memorable for all the right reasons. We promise you'll enjoy your visit to the best recreational dispensary in state.

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Inside the premier colorado dispensary!

Here is a graphic taste of the inside or our shop. For a better look, come see us!

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Did someone say SWAG? We have it here and are happy to get you hooked up with some Sticky Icky's gear. In true Colorado dispensary fashion, we keep our customers and supporters looking good! From hoodies to shorts, we can get you ready to represent Sticky Icky's anywhere you go.

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