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Tips For Choosing The Ideal Flower

Sticky Icky’s is committed to providing Pueblo, Colorado, with the best, high-quality cannabis products available. At Sticky Icky’s we pride ourselves on our variety of top-shelf cannabis and flower, designed to provide you with the desired health and wellness benefits. Maybe top shelf isn’t your thing, we also offer a full range of cheaper high-quality options. One of our knowledgeable budtenders would be happy to assist and provide you with any necessary insight, so that you can make the choice that fits your needs.

We carefully hand-select each of the strains and varieties of flower we offer online or through our dispensary in Pueblo. In addition to our quality indica, sativa and hybrid strains, we also offer a couple of THC+CBD infused products, which offer different physical and mental wellness benefits from your traditional THC products. These benefits range from mental and physical relaxation to increasing energy and focus throughout the day.

Commitment to Quality and Customer Service

Whether you are buying online or at the dispensary, our knowledgeable staff allows our customers to order with confidence. We package all of our cannabis products for optimum freshness and protection from humidity or degradation by exposure to the air.

We make it easy for those new to the use of cannabis flower to order online and know exactly what to expect from the product. Our product details include the flavor and taste experience with each variety we offer and recommendations for similar products to make shopping easy. Information on the amount of THC is also provided for each of our cannabis products.

In addition, we provide a quick guide under the written description to help online shoppers understand the effects they can expect from the specific product. Those shopping at the dispensary have access to our highly knowledgeable staff to assist in choosing the right products for your cannabis wants and needs.

For additional information or customer service on any order, call Sticky Icky’s at 719-470-2839.

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