Tips for Finding the Best Dabs in Pueblo

Consuming cannabis concentrates, otherwise known as dabbing, has become a favorite method of medicating with marijuana for people across the state of Colorado.  Concentrates are exactly what they sound like, the concentrated medicine of the plant without the extra plant material found in natural flower.  As a more potent option to flower, concentrates one can dab include shatters, waxes, live resins, rosins, sugars, and more, but before we get into the specifics of dabs, it’s important to understand that these products deliver a greater high than simply smoking recreational marijuana.

That being said, it’s important to know that you’re getting the best cannabis concentrates that the marketplace has to offer whenever you shop for dabs. So who can consumers turn to for the best dabs in Pueblo?

Knowledgeable Dispensary Staff

At Sticky Icky’s in Pueblo, CO, we take pride in offering a wide assortment of dab-able products for every type of cannabis consumer. Whether you’re a newbie to the world of cannabis concentrates or you consider yourself to be a cannabis connoisseur with specific tastes, our knowledgeable staff can assist you in finding the perfect dab for your ideal experience.

Understanding Dab Potency

For those new to dabs, here are a couple simple tips: 

  1. Start small, dabs are highly concentrated medicine, 3-5 times more potent than flower.
  2. Don’t hold in big rips like a bong, just trust me on this, let it out.
  3. Don’t try to go anywhere farther than the fridge.
  4. The highest potency doesn’t mean the best high, terpenes lives matter

For dab connoisseurs looking for concentrates with a higher potency, Sticky Icky’s offers a great selection of wax, live badder, live sugar, live rosin, and more with a THC potency exceeding 80%.

Premium Quality Dabs Engage the Senses

Finding high-quality dabs is easy when you know what to look for. Premium-quality dabs will engage and stimulate your sense of smell and taste.   “Live” products retain more of the taste and smell of the flower, although they usually cost more than waxes or shatters.

Discovering the perfect dabbing experience is easy when you visit Stick Icky’s in Pueblo, CO. We offer a great selection of dabs for first-timers and dab connoisseurs alike. From shatter and wax to live resin, rosin, and more, Sticky Icky’s makes it easy to find the best quality dabs in the region.

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